Prince’s Afro on The Arsenio Hall Show!


A few weeks ago on The Arsenio Hall Show, Prince took over the show and shut the place down!  He rocked it out, played the guitar with his foot, and showed everyone how it’s done.  While I watched in awe as his fingers went a mile a minute on his guitar, I couldn’t help but constantly check out his Afro.  I love the fact that he is rocking the Afro right now since it is so fitting with the natural hair movement.  It’s not the first time he’s worn his hair natural or worn an afro, but I just love the timing of it right now.  Honestly, he is such an artist that next week he will most likely have a new inspiration and a new hairstyle.  So, I’ll enjoy Prince’s Afro while it lasts.

Prince has sported so many hairstyles throughout his three decades long career (It’s Purple Rain’s thirtieth anniversary, That.Is.My.Movie) that I can’t keep up.  He is a style icon and isn’t afraid to try new styles.  He’s done blow outs, bobs, pixie cuts, braids, and Mohawks.  During the Super Bowl XLI halftime show in Miami, Florida on February 4, 2007, Prince performed on a large stage shaped like his symbol.  Surprisingly, it rained that day during his performance!  Prince took it all in stride though.  He seamlessly went from (what looked like) a press n’ curl, to a wrap covered by a silk scarf.  The man knows how to take care of his natural!

Super Bowl XLI - Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears - Halftime Show

Hair seemed to be a theme throughout the show.  Arsenio did something different by letting his fans ask Prince questions, and one of his fans, Rhonda asked him, “What really, really annoys you?”  Prince answered, “Strangers touching my hair.”  I feel you Prince!  Most of us naturals have the same issue and have experienced people coming up to us with hands stretched out reaching for our hair before even asking if they could touch it.  Prince and 3rd Eye Girl also played the song, ‘She’s Always in My Hair’ while Prince occasionally pointed to his own afro as a reference for the song.  He closed the show wearing a hat over his afro while The New Power Generation joined him on stage for the last song.  It was a great show with great hair!  I love you Prince!

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5 thoughts on “Prince’s Afro on The Arsenio Hall Show!

  1. I saw that show. Prince put on a great show! As he always does. I have many of his cd’s as well as his greatest hits compilations. My favs are Sign of The Times,Purple Rain,Batman soundtrack and Around the World in a Day.
    I actually went to a live taping of Arsenio back in November last year. I had great seats,I was in the third row. Arsenio came into the audience and shook my hand. It was cool to see the guests Tracee Ellis Ross,Simon Cowell and Paulino Rubio up close. The big treat was seeing actress Regina King in person. I’ve always had a crush on We had a lot of fun at the taping. Have you heard been to a live taping of a show? It’s a very unique experience. It looks so much different in person than it does on television. The stage is so much smaller in person. I guess that’s the magic of


    • I’m a fan of Prince as well and listen to his Purple Rain album to this day! I haven’t been to any live show tapings but I have seen Regina King in person as well. I saw her when I was in L.A. I was walking in an outdoor Mall right next to the Chinese Theater and saw her walking towards me. I stopped in my tracks and said ‘Hello!’ and she casually said ‘Hi’ and kept walking. I was too shy to ask for an autograph, but it was still cool to see her! She looks exactly the same in person.


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