My Curlformers Experience



First off, I have to admit that I’m lying!  I didn’t actually use Curlformers on my hair for this style.  I used a different brand of curlers called Vakind.  They are the generic version of Curlformers.  They are cheaper but provide all the same equipment as the Curlformers brand.  My ends are low so this was a necessity.  Anyway, I was very excited to try them out and see the results!  This style is a great way for naturals to get a big spiral curl without applying heat to your hair.  Here is my experience with this style…

Applying the curlers was pretty easy for me since I’ve watched numerous tutorials on YouTube.  I had a little difficulty getting all my hair into the wand, but I figured out a helpful method: twist your hair at the root just a bit before you put it inside the wand, and then untwist it just before you feed your hair through the curlers.  A few times my hair snagged a bit when I tried to feed it through the curls but it wasn’t a big deal, I just started over and it worked the second time.  I did have an issue with the number of curlers I had.  I bought 36 total curlers (18 orange and 18 pink).  I figured I could do 18 on each side of my head using the same color on each side as well.  I started from the back and worked my way to the front.  By the time I reached the front of my head I was running low on curlers and had to make bigger than usual sections so I wouldn’t run out completely.  It turned out okay since after taking them out, I had to separate the curls to make them fuller anyway.  For my guide to applying them, see my Curlformers page.

When I finished applying the curlers I used a hair tie to hold about 3-4 curlers together on both sides of the front of my head so they would stay out of my face.  Sleeping on the curlers was awful!  It was so uncomfortable I could hardly sleep – the struggle!  I tried to sleep on my back where I created a small gap to flatten things out.  The curlers were strong though, they held their shape all night.  Another issue I had was trying to apply my makeup in the morning.  While the hair ties kept the curls in the front of my hair out of my face, they were still a bit in the way.  A few times, I had to hold them up with my hand to keep from getting make-up on them.

With all that discomfort, I was so glad to take them out in the morning!  The results were beautiful and actually worth the uncomfortable sleep.  The curls were perfect: both soft and defined.  To make sure the style had hold, I used some Eco Styler Gel on top of my leave-in conditioner, which really seemed to work well for the style.  Unfortunately, the style only lasted one day.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to maintain the style overnight so I used the same method I use to maintain my twist-out.  That didn’t work so well and they were pretty much a mess the next day.

Overall, I will definitely do this style again despite the uncomfortable sleep and only one day of beautiful curls.  My hair turned out really elegant and different enough from my go-to twist-out.  The style is perfect for formal occasions like weddings, but universal enough to be worn to concerts and work events.  I just need to figure out how to sleep on them comfortably.  If you have figured that out, please let me know!

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5 thoughts on “My Curlformers Experience

  1. I think sleeping on them depends on the size. I couldn’t sleep on the extra long pink and yellow. It was just too tight to lay on, but the extra wide deep magenta ones are easy to sleep on because the curl is looser and thus not a dense when you lay down. The later makes barrel curls as opposed to spiral curls


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