My First Time Wearing a Weave (Writing 101: Day 6)

Last night was awful!  I couldn’t sleep.  Maybe I drifted off for a few hours, but I woke up this morning still feeling tired.  Today is the first day of 6th grade at my new Middle School and I will not know anyone there.  All of my friends from elementary school went to Westmoore, but I was placed in another school since my teachers thought I would do better at an alternative school.  No one asked me what I thought though.

I carefully picked my outfit for the first day of school to make sure it did not show too much of my awkward body.  Over the summer, I grew about 6 inches but it seemed only in my torso.  My legs remained short and stocky which made me so insecure that I refused to wear anything that revealed my thighs.  So, I wore baggy jeans and a long t-shirt with my favorite band on the front.

My outfit was fine, but what I really worried about was my hair.  I kept my hair in braids throughout the summer and when I took them out Continue reading

Writing 101: Be Brief (Day 5)


I found a letter while walking along a path.


Dear Jane,


Never forget you are beautiful just the way you are


This path will be difficult by far


Move forward, be still, and shine bright like a blazing star



Your Spirit and Soul


Was this letter addressed to me?


[This post is in response to the Writing 101 Challenge: Day 5]

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When I Decided to Stop Getting Hair Relaxers

Young woman holding hair against white background

I decided it was the last time I would get a hair relaxer.  The final straw came 3 months ago when my stylist gave me a style I did not want (again!), and I left the salon with lye burns on my sensitive scalp.  All I could think about as I put ointment on my scalp to ease the pain was my first visit to Miss Simone’s Salon when I was 5 years old.  I remember feeling so excited about getting my hair straightened for the first time.  Now, I wished I had never set foot in that place!

Over the years, I came back to Miss Simone’s Salon monthly to get a touch up and deep condition, only to spend $80 to go home unsatisfied and in pain.  Even with all that disappointment, I kept coming back because it was all I knew about hair care.  Three months ago though, I had enough.  After 20 years of getting relaxers, Continue reading

When people ask to touch my hair… I can’t!



Random Person: “Oh, my God!  Your hair is so AWESOME!

Jane: “Thanks so much!”

Random Person: “Can I touch it?” (Hands reaching out)

Jane: “Whaaaaat?” (Looks with piercing side-eye while tilting my head away)

After going natural 3 years ago, I expected many things to change in my life.  I knew there would be both hard times and enjoyable experiences.  I knew I might be surprised by what my real, unaltered hair actually looked like.  I knew I would have to buy different hair products and start to take care of my hair differently.  I had no idea however, that so many strange people would want to touch my hair!

This has by far been the most shocking thing that has come with being natural.  That’s right, I’ve had no problem giving up relaxers, I have enjoyed getting to know my hair again, and I have laughed through those bad hair days.  The fact that random people come up to me, wanting to touch a part of me out of nowhere is the weirdest thing to me.  I mean, it is just my hair after all.  It is something that I have had my whole life and it has never been that interested to people before.  It makes me wonder, what is this new fascination with my hair?

“Touching” Experiences

A few months ago, I attended a friend’s baby shower.  When I arrived I didn’t know any of the other women there, but I immediately noticed three women (who turned out to be sisters) who had hair similar to mine, so I struck up a conversation with them.  We hit it off right away and of course we ended up talked about our hair – the great times, the embarrassing moments, the frustrating bad hair days, and the amazing self-love that comes with embracing our natural hair.  It was one of those organic, sisterly bonds that only naturals can relate to.  After 2 hours of learning intimate details about their hair struggles and triumphs, I gave them my blog cards and had to leave.  As I made my way to the door, Continue reading

Miss Simone’s Salon

All That Glitter by Annie Lee

All That Glitter by Annie Lee

The drive to the salon felt so long.  I was so excited to finally go to Miss Simone’s Beauty Shop.  It was a magical place I heard my Mom and aunts talk about often, but at 5 years old, I had never been allowed to go.  They would leave the house with scarves on their heads and come back with curls cascading on their shoulders or a proper up-do smoothed just right.  I had no idea how this all was possible or who was able to transform their hair so wonderfully.  All I knew was that I would someday go to Miss Simone’s; leaving with my nappy, unruly roots and coming back beautiful like my Mom and aunties.

Traveling down the road, I felt as though I was making my way to a brand new me.  It was a rites of passage.  I was turning into a big girl now – at least that is what I thought.  When we finally arrived at Miss Simone’s, I could hardly keep from jumping out the car and running up to the door of the salon Continue reading

I’m now registered in Bloglovin’!

Hello all my readers!  I am happy to announce that this blog is now registered in Bloglovin’ which is website that enables readers to follow this blog even if they don’t have a WordPress account.

As I’m learning more about blogging and building a following, this site is one that I would recommend to my fellow bloggers if you haven’t already registered your site there.  My favorite thing about Bloglovin’ is how you can see all the blogs you follow on the “My Feed” page which eliminates the need to subscribe through email or check each website individually for updates.  It’s pretty great!

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