My First Time Wearing a Weave (Writing 101: Day 6)

Last night was awful!  I couldn’t sleep.  Maybe I drifted off for a few hours, but I woke up this morning still feeling tired.  Today is the first day of 6th grade at my new Middle School and I will not know anyone there.  All of my friends from elementary school went to Westmoore, but I was placed in another school since my teachers thought I would do better at an alternative school.  No one asked me what I thought though.

I carefully picked my outfit for the first day of school to make sure it did not show too much of my awkward body.  Over the summer, I grew about 6 inches but it seemed only in my torso.  My legs remained short and stocky which made me so insecure that I refused to wear anything that revealed my thighs.  So, I wore baggy jeans and a long t-shirt with my favorite band on the front.

My outfit was fine, but what I really worried about was my hair.  I kept my hair in braids throughout the summer and when I took them out, I had a lot of breakage.  My hair was so dry, and brittle I didn’t know what to do about it.  I was so confused.  Braids were supposed to help your hair grow, so how did it do the opposite to me?  I was so embarrassed about how terrible my hair was that I could not walk through the doors of my new school like this.  I had to do something.

I spent most of my summer getting lost reading novels at the library.  Once I made my way through the teen fiction section, I decided to read some magazines.  I had never noticed it before but there was a magazine called Essence that had a beautiful Black woman on the cover.  I picked it up and one of the cover stories read, 5 Ways to Get Sexy and Sultry Hair.  It was exactly what I needed.

I opened the magazine and skimmed through everything until I got to the article on hair.  It showed some pretty hairstyles, but one of them was specifically for hair with breakage and damage.  The style was called a weave.  The model’s hair was so beautiful – long, wavy, flowing down her shoulders.  I so completely wanted to have hair like that!  I just knew it would solve all my hair issues and give me back my confidence.  I knew a weave would make me beautiful again.

The next day I called a few friends and found a hairstylist who could do the style I wanted.  I went to the beauty supply store to get the hair supplies I needed for the weave, got cash out of my savings account, and within a few days, made my way to the salon.  After about 3 hours at the salon, I finally looked like the model in the magazine.  My confidence slowly came back each time I looked in the mirror at my new 12 inches of Deep Wave #5.  Now I was ready for school!

Even with my weave inspired self-esteem, I still felt out of place and afraid on the drive to school.  Would people know it was a weave?  Will people like my new hair?  What will they say about it?  Will they make fun of me?  I felt my confidence slipping away.

As my Mom pulled to the front of the school, I realized there was no going back now.

It was early so classes had not started yet.  I was told to go in the school auditorium to wait for first period.  When I looked inside, I saw that the room was full and very few chairs were left open.  I took a deep breath and walked down the center aisle in the auditorium to find a seat.  I hadn’t made it to the middle of the aisle before someone yelled out, “WEAVE!”  My stomach dropped into my ankles, and I stopped walking for just a second but immediately kept moving forward.  I could hear a few people laughing as I took a seat near the front row of chairs.  I barely moved the rest of the time until the bell rang for first period.  I thought to myself, “This year is going to SUCK!”

[Writing 101 Challenge – Day 6: A Character – Building Experience] 

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10 thoughts on “My First Time Wearing a Weave (Writing 101: Day 6)

  1. Not only did I enjoy your writing in this post, I can identify with your experience SO much! In middle school I had glasses, braces, was chubby, and seriously lacked confidence. So I took a picture of Raquel Welsh with a perm called “le Wild” to the local old ladies salon with 50 bucks in hand. The woman looked down her nose at me, rolled my hair in the tightest little perm rods they make and left me to fry for an hour. I could smell my hair burning, and afterwards it all broke off on top! And guess who came to pick me up from the salon… My brother and his good looking friend-both seniors. ARGH!! Really enjoyed your post!!!


  2. Ahhh, poor girl, I feel your “pain”, anticipation, and embarrassment! When I was that age someone threw a wad of bubble gum into my hair at an assembly meeting. I still have panic attacks! (just kidding)


    • Getting gum out of your hair is the worse! I got gum in my hair from sitting in a movie theater seat. Some idiot put gum on the top of the seat…who does that! Anyway, glad you “felt” me (pun intended):-)


  3. I hope your year got better! I enjoyed the way you told the story! It’s great that you can keep your blog focus while doing the challenges! Most gals can relate to how our hair affects the way we feel!


  4. Thank you! This reminds me of so many stories from the past. My sister ashamed of her “Winter Wheat” naturally blonde hair and accidentally dying it green trying to make it the ever-so-acceptable “Platinum.” My college friends brushing my hair for hours because they had hair like yours, dry and brittle, and they wanted mine. Yet I always watched guys choose my blonde friends over me, and just wished that someday brunette meant beauty. It’s all so trivial. We always want what we don’t have and those stupid magazine covers reinforce that “gotta be like that” mentality.


  5. My husband works for an advertising firm, and I’ve watched them piece ads together using five (and more) shots, then airbrushing and cutting bits of body until the models look “perfect.” We compare ourselves to fiction.


  6. these are really nice stories Jane! Although It hurt my heart when you told the story of your first day of school.. ::) Love Mom


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