#HAIRitageHaikus – HAIRitage Definition #1


To kick off my new feature #HAIRitageHaikus, I’d like to start with a series of definitions I created to help understand all the various meanings behind Honoring Our HAIRitage.

These definitions highlight the many reasons why I named this blog Honoring Our HAIRitage.  In addition, they each represent a central reasons why I decided to go natural.

For the first definition, I was inspired by the history of Black women’s hair and wanted to come up with a phrase that combated our negative past and ushered us into a new movement of reclamation.

HAIRitage Definition 1

The break is OVER! Plus, I have a new feature to share


The past month in a half has been stupid busy for me!  I’ve been traveling for work, started working with young women for an after-school program, and I’m managing a planning committee for next year’s International Natural Hair Meet-up Day, all while planning a retirement party for my mother!  Obviously, I had no time to blog and needed a break to handle personal goals.

Thankfully, I never lost my motivation for this blog and for staying connected to you all.  I am grateful for your patience.

For my return, I’m excited to start a special new feature for this blog!  I am a very visual person, and I love all the motivational quote images that are popular today.  So, I decided to start creating some of my own for this blog.

Starting this week, I will begin a feature called, HAIRitage Haiku’s with inspiring poems, words of wisdom, and encouragement for naturals, all created by ME.

I hope you enjoy them!

Please feel free to share any ideas you may have for how I can make the feature meaningful for you.

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