How NOT to recruit new naturalistas!!


I knew immediately after I heard her say the words, “you should NEVER get relaxers!,” that this conversation was not going to end well.  We were at a beauty supply store in the “natural hair supplies” section getting our bi-monthly supply of raw shea butter, when a complete stranger came up to us to ask about our hair, since she stated, “Your hair looks so beautiful!  I’ve been thinking about doing the natural thing too, but I just don’t know yet.”  My friend chimed in again, “You know relaxers can cause permanent hair loss, sores on your scalp, and breakage!  It’s not a good look,” she said.  “I remember the last time I got a relaxer, I had a sore on my scalp that started to ooze puss!  Why would I ever get another relaxer after that!”

Despite where I knew this conversation was going, and the look of concern I was giving my friend, she kept talking about not getting relaxers.  The look on the other woman’s face Continue reading