My 5 Natural Hair Goals for 2015

 Post Image - 5 Natural Hair Goals 2015

I’ve been obsessed with my hair ever since 2011 when I first tried 2-strand twists.  I was amazed by how well my hair responded to the style, I had no idea my hair could do what it did!  Since then, you couldn’t tell me nothing about my hair…okay!

I’ve had such a wonderful hair journey, discovering what my hair is capable of, and appreciating its versatility.  Yet, there are still things that I need to improve about my hair regime and new styles that I want to try in 2015.

Here is my list of hair goals for 2015:

  1. Deep condition more often – I used to deep condition my hair once a week and could immediately feel the results of soft, moisturized hair. Recently, I have not kept up with this habit to save time, but for 2015, my hair health will be more of a priority.
  2. Try a new style once a month – my signature style is my twist-out. I have perfected this style so much, that I could do it in my sleep. For 2015, I want to change it up a bit and try more up-dos, flat twist styles, and maybe even more hair extensions – who knows!
  3. Use my hair accessories more often – At one point in my natural hair journey, I became obsessed with headscarves. I bought a new one almost every time I made it to my local beauty supply store and asked for them as gifts for my birthday and Christmas. I have so many I probably have one for each outfit I own in every color, design, and size!! But I don’t wear them often enough. Since winter is here, it is definitely time to pull them out more often and do protective styles.
  4. Do more scalp massages – I have heard about the benefits of scalp massages for a while now and with all the castor oil challenges going around I have seen the amazing results of scalp stimulation. I think I’ll start with doing them once a week and see how I can make it a more regular habit.
  5. Do more protective styling – Like I said before, I love my twist-out, which means my hair is exposed to the elements a lot. I’ve noticed a slight slump in my hair growth and I think it is because I am not doing enough protective styling. Two-strand twists, here I come!

What are your natural hair goals for 2015?  


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6 thoughts on “My 5 Natural Hair Goals for 2015

  1. Great goals my dear, I have 3,practice doing more flat twists in my hair, do the L.O.C. Method more often, incorporate Shea butter into my hair regimen. Hopefully will do well, we shall see 😀


  2. I definitely agree with rhe deep conditioning. I have fallen off the deep condition band wagon.. but i have also promised myself to get back on. Especially in these winter months


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