BHM Blog Series: 2014 Natural Hair Trends!

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Last year was a phenomenal period for the natural hair movement!  Naturalistas came out in full force to represent their curly coifs and show off their unique style.  There was a surge of creative cuts, colorful curls, and ever growing strands as a result of hair growth challenges taking place every month.  Out of all the amazing styles, there were a few that rose to the top of the popularity list.

Here is my list of natural hairstyle trendsetters for 2014:

Crochet Braids 

This style is not new but it got so popular last year that there are hundreds of videos and articles on this style today.  It’s a way to wear a protective style by braiding your hair and latching textured hair into them, kind of like a sew-in.  You can style the kinky hair in a variety of ways to make it more versatile and it looks just like your naturally growing hair.

I have to be honest, I wrote an article critiquing this style and it received some not so nice comments!  My goal was to start a discussion on whether or not we are allowing weaves to undermine the self-acceptance we can grow from accepting our natural hair without the extensions.  The response was heated but interesting nonetheless.  What are your thoughts?

Crochet Braids

Source: Global Couture


Castor Oil Challenges

It seemed like every month there was another castor oil challenge taking place.  This challenge involved using castor oil to massage your scalp in order to stimulate your hair follicles for faster hair growth.  The result was longer, fuller hair after just a few months.  I didn’t join one of these challenges but I couldn’t help but notice that a ton of naturalistas took the challenge and some of them had great results.  Have you tried the Castor Oil challenge?

Casor Oil Challenge

Source: Black Zulu

Curly Colors

From red, to black, to purple, to pink, 2014 had naturalistas dying their hair in every color in the rainbow.  Throughout the year I enjoyed seeing the next popular color online but was never brave enough to try one for myself.  Did you color your hair last year?

Curly Cuts

It was almost like a throwback from the 80’s with all the asymmetrical cuts, and fades #TeamNatural rocked in 2014.  I was pretty impressed by all the women willing to go “under the knife” and cut off their curls.  Other than a trim, I haven’t cut my hair since I got rid of my relaxed ends!  Did you cut your hair in 2014?

Curling Wand

I love how natural hair can be so versatile.  You can do a twist-out, braids, perm rod sets, bantu-knots or even straight styles – all without heat.  This next natural hair trend went against the no heat commandment by encouraging us to us a curling wand in order to create pretty spirals.  I first learned about the curling wand from Naptural 85 who did a tutorial on her YouTube channel.  I was a bit surprised by how popular this style became because many naturalistas also use curlformers since they give you a similar curl without heat.  I don’t own a curling wand but I love the spirals they create!  Have you used a curling wand?


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