BHM Blog Series: Top 3 Natural Hair Celebrities of 2014!

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It gives me such joy when I can turn on the TV and see women who look like me and have hair like mine, wearing it proudly.  They have such power when they walk into a scene or on the red carpet with the pride that comes with celebrating your true self.  From YouTube series like Hello Cupid, to Olivia Pope and Viola Davis showing their natural curls on prime time, 2014 was a year where women with natural hair become more common on the small and big screen.

Below are some of my favorite celebrity Naturalistas who rocked natural locs in 2014!


Solange is like my soul sistah!  I love her style, music, hobbies, and hairstyles.  She seems to have it all and then some.  Plus, she gets to hang out with the coolest feminist in the world!  Last year on Nov 16 Solange married long time partner Alan Ferguson in New Orleans.  For her wedding, she went the untraditional route and wore her hair in a glorious afro.  It went perfectly with her long white gown and cape.

Post - Solange-Knowles-2014

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee is always talking about her natural hair and how she advocates for it constantly when she is playing in a movie or a role in her latest TV show.  She has insisted, “You hire me, you hire my hair.”   Lately, she has been wearing the cutest curly afro as Dr. Rainbow Johnson on black-ish.  Tracee is not just an amazingly talented actor, she is a Naturalista that is redefining beauty on television.

Post - Tracee_Ellis_Ross_2014_NAACP_Image_Awards_(cropped)

Viola Davis

When Viola Davis first walked the red carpet at the Oscars in 2012 wearing her natural hair, it caused an uproar of both positive and negative reactions.  Since then, she has spoken out about her struggles with alopecia, and accepting her beauty including her skin tone.  I have been proud of her bravery ever since.  Recently, when Professor Keating snatched her wig off in that episode of #HTGAWM I could not stop snapping my fingers in agreement.  Yaaassssss!




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