Jane’s Hairstyles

One of the reasons I started this blog was because after I went natural, so many people would stop me on the street and ask me about my hair.  I would get bombarded with questions about how I did my hair, what products I used, and how long I’ve been natural.  When you’re at the grocery store, headed to a work meeting, or late for drinks with your girlfriends, there is never enough time to stop and answer so many questions from complete strangers!  After awhile I realized I just needed to document everything somewhere so people could easily find all the information they would EVER want to know about my hair!  So, I started Honoring Our HAIRitage.

In this section of my blog, I’ll show you all the styles I’ve tried and how I achieved them.  Try some out and see how they work for you.  I love trying new styles, so check back often and see what I’ve done next!

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