I have always wanted to try Curlformers and my first try turned out too amazing!  Well, actually, I didn’t use Curlformers I used a different brand call Vakind, but most people know the name Curlformers.  I used this brand because it was much cheaper than Curlformers.  Vakind comes with all the necessary tools without the fancy plastic carrier and advertisement.  You get the curl former attachments and the wand to apply them.  They actually worked really well and I would recommend them (disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post).

How I create this style:

Products used:

Starting out by shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, and applying a leave-in using my Favorite Hair Products.

Styler = Eco Styler Gel

Sealer = My Oil Mixture

Total Time: 2.5 hours

   Step One: Part your hair into four sections.

   Step Two: Take down a medium size piece of hair from one of the four sections.

   Step Three: Feed the wand all the way through one of the curl formers.

   Step Four: Using the hooked part of the wand, grab the medium sized piece of hair.  Make sure all the hair is grabbed inside the wand so it doesn’t snag.

   Step Five: Pull the wand (with your hair) all the way through the curl former to release it.

   Step Six: The hair should be firmly wrapped in the curl former.

   Step Seven: Repeat until your whole head is done.


Tips for this style:

  • I use the same color curl formers for each side (all orange on one side, all pink on the other side) instead of mixing and matching them.
  • Use a styling product that has an extra holding effect so it makes the curls more defined and last longer.
  • At night, you can take sections of the curl formers and secure them with a hair tie to keep them from moving around all night or cover them with a stretch knit cap.  I sleep right on top of them and they stay firm all night.

Taking the Vakind curlers out:

  • First, take out any hair ties that you used to hold the curl formers in place.
  • Starting from the back of your head, hold the curl former at the root near your scalp.
  • Smooth out the curl former by holding it with your pointer finger and thumb, then gently sliding them along the curler from the root to the end while flattening it out.  You don’t want to grab and pull the end of the curler to flatten it because it will only tighten the curl and make it harder for your hair to slide out.
  • Once it is flattened, open the curl former by squeezing both sides of the opening (at the root) and gently pull it off your hair.
  • With oil on your finger tips to minimize frizz, separate your beautiful curls to create fullness.

Cleaning the Vakind curlers is important so that whatever holding product you used doesn’t build up inside the curlers.  I simply let them soak in soapy water for about 30 minutes then rinsed them thoroughly.

I hope this is helpful.  Let me know how it works for you if you try this style and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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