Twist-Out Boost

The twist-out is my signature look!  I create my twist-out most days of the week since it is easy to maintain, and use as a base for other looks.  It also keeps my hair detangled so on wash day it is easy to work with.

The twist-out is a popular look among naturals and a look I would recommend for anyone who is just starting out with natural styles.  You can dress it up with accessories like headbands, scarves, flowers, or add in a few flat twists in the front.  You can also use the twist-out as a base for other styles like up-dos, puffs, buns, and Mohawks.  The variety is endless.

How I create this look:

Products used:

Starting out by shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, and applying a leave-in using my Favorite Hair Products.

Styler = Whipped Shea Butter

Sealer = My Oil Mixture

Total Time: 2 hours

My weekly hair routine, outlines exactly how I create my twist-out.  I try to keep my routine very simple and manageable since time is a luxury for me.  I maintain this look for 2-3 days before I re-twist it or pull it up into a puff for a new look.

Tips for your Twist-out:

  • Make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled before you start your twists.
  • Create sections for your twists that are not too big or too small.  If they are too big, it will take your hair long to dry.  If the sections are too small it will take longer than necessary to create the look.
  • For shine, seal in your moisture by using water, a leave-in conditioner, a cream/butter, and an oil – in that order.
  • When you get to the end of your twist, twirl the hair around your fingers with a little extra styling product for added definition.
  • Use bobby pins to secure each twist at the base so your roots are stretched.
  • Always wear a silk scarf at night or sleep on a silk pillowcase to protect your style and hold in moisture.
  • When you take down your twists, put oil on your fingertips to reduce frizz.  Also, be gentle, work slowly, and try not to snag your hair.
  • Always check the back of your head and make sure there are not gaps in your hair.  You want to look good coming and going!  If you do find a gap, try separating out the twists in that area to fill it in or take a wide-tooth comb and lift at the roots to create volume.
  • Shake your head and your ready to go!

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