Weekly Hair Routine

Over the years, my hair regime has changed and evolved many times!  What I’m sharing with you here is what I am currently doing, but I expect that when my hair grows it might change a bit.  Check back often to get updates on my weekly routine!

I start my hair regime on Saturday nights so I can look cute for church on Sundays :-).  By Wednesday, I usually have to re-twist my hair.  My Saturday night routine usually takes about 3 hours and my Wednesday night routine takes about 45-60 minutes.  Before you start thinking this is a long time to do my hair, just remember how long your last hair salon appointment took, including the time you waited for your stylist to finish with the person (or three) before you!  Also, consider the fact that I don’t have to restyle my hair every morning since my twist-outs last 3-4 days.  You feel me now?!

I will refer generally to the products I use here, but to see the exact products, go to my “Favorite Hair Products” link for more information.


Saturday night:

Step 1: I section my hair into four parts.  Then I detangle my hair working in a deep conditioner, first with my fingers then with a wide tooth comb.

Step 2A: Now that the hair is covered in the deep conditioner, I sit under my hooded dryer on low heat for 30 minutes to do my deep conditioning.

Step 2B: If it is not my deep conditioning week, I will apply my oil mixture right on top of the deep conditioner for my hot oil treatment.  I then sit under my hooded dryer for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Hop in the shower to rinse out the deep conditioner.  Once it’s all out, I shampoo one side of my head at a time (left side, then right side).  Rinse and detangle.  (Tip: You should notice that your shampoo session goes a lot faster when you deep condition first.  I think it helps preps your hair for the shampoo).

Step 4: I then section my hair back into four parts and add in my conditioner.  (Tip: I usually turn the water off during this step to reduce my water bill!)  I cover my head with a plastic cap and continue showering to let the conditioner sit in my hair for 5 minutes, then rinse each section one at a time with cool water.

Step 5: I use a white cotton t-shirt to squeeze out the excess water from my hair instead of a towel.  The cotton t-shirt works better for me since the towel can pull my hair out and cause more frizz.

Step 6: I add in my leave-in conditioner to each section, then part my hair based on how I want to style my twist-out (middle part, or side part).

Step 7: To achieve my twist-outs, I use a spray bottle with water in it to re-moisturize any hair that has gotten too dry and then work in a dab of my shea butter mixture to each section before twisting.  It is important that your hair is damp/wet to define your twists.  My motto is “if it’s not wet, it won’t set!”

There are many ways to do a twist-out.  You can do each twist individually or do the flat twist method.  I use the flat twist method because it takes less time and you don’t have to separate out the twists to create volume.  To see how I twist my hair, watch this video by the amazing Naptural85!

Step 8: After my hair is fully twisted, I cover my head with a silk scarf and let it dry overnight.  It must be completely dry in order for it to have definition. (Tip: If it is late and my hair won’t have enough time to dry completely by morning, I sit under my hooded dryer on low heat for 15 minutes to help it dry faster.)

Step 9: In the morning, I take out the twists with oil on my fingers to reduce any frizz, shake my head, and I’m done!

Twistout - 2

Maintaining the twist-out:

Each night, I pull my hair behind by ears, let it hang loose in the back, and put on a silk scarf.  The scarf I use is closed in the back, and looks kind of like a big sock with straps that wrap around the back of my neck.  It keeps my hair covered, but loose which works best for me.  When I tried wrapping it with a normal silk scarf, my hair gets smashed down and loses definition so I stopped using them to maintain my twist-outs.  They work for most other styles though.

Wednesday night:

My twist-outs usually last for three to four days, and by Wednesday night I need to re-twist since I’ve lost most of my definition.  I simply repeat Steps 6-9 above.


Each night, I add some oil to my scalp and massage it in to help promote hair growth.  This is also a good way to re-moisturize your hair throughout the week without re-wetting it.  My hair reverts back and loses definition the second water hits it!  So, oil works best for me when I’m rockin’ a twist-out.  I use my oil mixture, which you can find under my “Favorite Hair Products” tab.

I hope this helps!  If you try any of my routine, let me know how it worked for you in the comments below.

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