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It has been a few months since I last posted here, but it was all for a few great reasons!  First, the Columbus Naturalistas is hosting (for the 4th year in a row), the International Natural Hair Meet-up Day (INHMD) on May 30, 2015.  This is the most widely attended natural hair event in our city because we are committed to making it a memorable, informative, and empowering event for all.  We have some amazing things in store for the event to make it even better than the year before!  (Get your tickets HERE) Obviously, I’m swamped with planning, promoting, and managing the event details.

Second, I am starting the process of becoming a small business owner!  That’s right, I’m following my dreams and turning my passion into profits (more on that later).

During the process of planning the INHMD event, I began developing a relationship with Karen Coleman, owner of Synergi Salon, one of Columbus’s most well-known and respected natural hair salons.  Karen has been a hairdresser for 30+ years and started Synergi Salon to help women fall back in love with their natural hair (I love that!).  Not only is she joining me for the INHMD event on our panel, she is a blogger as well!  Beginning this month, I’ll be featuring some of her blog posts, which will focus on transitioning from relaxed to natural and all the things you can expect along the journey (excellent information for all of us!).

Here is the first installment:

6 Common Mistakes Naturals Make When They Go To A Salon

The modern natural hair movement has been exciting for women who want to kick the chemicals and celebrate their natural kinks and curls. However, going to a salon as a ‘natural’ – especially a new natural – can be confusing. A lot of the information can be questionable or conflicting. I’ve assembled my top hair tips here to help women unpack natural hair myths when they visit a salon.

Here are 6 common mistakes ‘naturals’ make when they go to a salon:

1. Following a trend because “everybody’s doing it”

Have you ever heard of jumping on the bandwagon? There is a lot of pressure to try out a new technique because it’s new and popular. Every month there is a new trend: co-washing, no-poo, baggying, Tangle Teezer, and so on. While these techniques can work for some women, it’s better to stick to tried and true techniques. Look for styles or products that will address your unique hair needs – and leave the fads at the door.

2. Participating in hair typing

While it’s nice to feel like you’re part of a group, at the end of the day your hair is as unique as you are. While your curls can look like someone else’s, it doesn’t mean that they will behave like them. Try to break free of hair typing and learn what works for your unique gorgeous locks.

 3. Putting length on a pedestal

There’s a tonne of pressure to have long hair. And even more talk about how to make your ziggly, spirally and or coily hair appear longer. But why should length be the goal? Short hair can be just as beautiful as long hair. In fact, short hair can be fierce and fashion-forward. It’s time we stop setting restrictive beauty standards and realize that beauty comes at any hair length.

4. Fighting the frizz

Simply put: embrace your frizz! Telling women to de-frizz their hair is basically telling them to shave their head. Hair gets frizzy – it’s just part of life. The sooner we embrace it and celebrate it, the better. What I recommend for my clients is the Synergi Glaze and Mousse http://www.synergisalon.com. It truly helps to contain the frizz.

5. African American hair requires specific products

If you think that African America women require products that are marketed for their hair, think again! Hair is hair – and your hair may have more in common with a woman who is not the same color as you than a woman who is. Embrace curly hair and give a variety of products a try. Don’t limit yourself. Hair is hair!

6. Assuming natural is hard to manage

Sure, we all have our bad hair days. But natural hair doesn’t have to be hard to manage. Natural hair definitely has its learning curves but it’s a journey that will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run. Natural hair means no unnecessary breakage or split ends. If you keep your hair regime simple and consistent, you’ll soon be wishing you made the switch to natural years ago. All hair textures have their advantages and disadvantages, and their benefits and their challenges. Embrace your natural hair and celebrate your style! Check out our new hair calendar to see where you are in the process.

Learn more about Synergi Salon: http://synergisalon.com/newsite/new-hair-care-calendar/

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What If There Were No More Natural Hair Events? (Writing 101)


All of us!

I remember walking into the building in Downtown Columbus feeling a bit nervous.  I had never been to this place before or an event like this one either.  I decided to wear my hair in a new style, thinking it would make me look edgy and trendy.  It was the first natural hair event I had ever attended so I wanted to fit in and be cool like the other women who I figured had been natural far longer than I had been.  It was only a year ago that I decided to cut off 6 inches of hair and start fresh with completely unaltered relaxer free hair.

I was still trying to figure things out with my hair when I got the invitation for the Natural Hair Meet-up Day.  It read,

Come gather with Naturalistas from Columbus and enjoy food, fun, live entertainment, giveaways, and hair tutorials!  The first 50 people to register will get a swag bag full of product samples.

It was the hair tutorials that inspired me to spend four hours on a Saturday and pay $20 to attend since I really needed help with my hair.

When I walked through the doors of the loft, I immediately felt at home.  The space was just big enough for the intimate gathering with a small stage at the front, a few vendor tables lined along the back wall, and round tables in the center of the room with white linens and comfortable chairs.  Windows lined three walls of the room so sunlight poured into the space, illuminating every beautiful woman in the room. Continue reading

Event Recap: International Natural Hair Meet-up Day – Columbus

All of us!

Last Saturday, on May 17, 2014 the Columbus Naturalistas hosted the International Natural Hair Meet-up Day (INHMD) at Long Street Studios.  I must say the event was a huge success!  The day was full of live entertainment, giveaways, hair demos, a product swap, a panel discussion, and great food!  We almost doubled our number of attendees from last year, we tripled our number of vendors, and had even more giveaways than last year!  We also donated hair products to our local domestic violence shelter, Choices, which provides safety to women in crisis for the INHMD Cares Initiative.  Lastly, of course we were able to come together as natural women, proudly rocking our natural curls and celebrating our beauty together.

I am so proud of the amazing group of women who came together and helped organize this important event for Columbus.  Checkout the recap with photos below.

Over 100 beautiful naturals showed up for the event!

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A new feature this year was a panel discussion about natural hair.  It included bloggers Sasha Day and Lynnie V from 2CurlsInAPod who talked about natural hair vlogging and social media, our natural hair stylist Rimmy, who discussed proper hair maintenance, and two men: one who loved natural hair and one who hated natural hair.  I respected both of their perspectives, but clearly the audience was in favor of the man who loved our curls!

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We had so many giveaways this year that almost everyone walked away with a prize!  I want to give a huge shout-out to all the businesses who supported us and donated such amazing items.

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The vendors we had this year were simply fabulous!  Many of them were women owned businesses with all-natural hair care products, handmade jewelry, fly t-shirts, and even self-defense weapons!

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The hair demo showed us how to create a pompadour and pony-tail.  Mr. Ty Davis who serenaded us with his acoustic guitar and smooth voice was our live entertainment for the evening.  Attendees also got to hear a presentation from one of our planning committee members who has been natural for 10+ years and her advice on using plant-based products.

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This event was so fun and fabulous that I can’t wait to see what we come up with next year!


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