BHM Blog Series: Those We Lost in the Natural Hair Movement

Post Image - BHM - Those We Lost

During 2014, we unfortunately lost three important women known for encouraging us to embrace our beauty and accept our curls. They each had their own unique style and way of inspiring us based on their personal experiences as Black women. Without them, 2015 will not be the same.

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#HAIRitageHaikus – HAIRitage Definition #3


Celebrate your natural hair!

HAIRitage Definition 3

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3 Blogging Lessons I Learned in 2014

 Post Image - 3 Blogging Lessons

I could not have imagined where I am today with Honoring Our HAIRitage and the lessons I’ve learned so far as a blogger.  This year, and the things I’ve accomplished, were a complete surprise and are so amazing!  I thought about blogging many times before I took the chance and started Honoring Our HAIRitage.  I knew I wanted to add my voice to the natural hair community, but I had no idea the impact it would have or how successful my own blog would be.  I also had no idea about the many ways this blog would become such an important part of my life and help me realize my passion.

I’ve learned many things over this past year and have grown tremendously as a writer, natural hair enthusiast, and woman.  Yes, this blog has helped me come into my own as a woman, who knows her voice, her skills, and what is most important as a natural hair blogger.

Here are the things I’ve learned as a blogger over this past year:

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#HAIRitageHaikus – Definition #2


The second image in the #HAIRitageHaikus series!

Knowing your power!

HAIRitage Definition 2


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Writing 101: Be Brief (Day 5)


I found a letter while walking along a path.


Dear Jane,


Never forget you are beautiful just the way you are


This path will be difficult by far


Move forward, be still, and shine bright like a blazing star



Your Spirit and Soul


Was this letter addressed to me?


[This post is in response to the Writing 101 Challenge: Day 5]

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