BHM Blog Series: National Attention on the Natural Hair Movement

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Last year was a monumental year for the natural hair movement.  I don’t remember seeing as much media attention on natural hair, TV shows focused to the topic, natural hair products in stores, or social events dedicated to natural curls.  Yet, the movement boomed and reached what I believe is a tipping point last year!

Here is how the movement made national headlines in 2014!

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Natural Hair at the NAACP Image Awards

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Award season is here!  This year I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing natural hairstyles from some of my favorite celebrity naturalistas.  On Friday, the 46th NAACP Image Awards aired on TVOne and the various natural hairstyles on celebrities from Ava DuVernay, Tracee Ellis-Ross, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw left me in awe!  It is official, this is the year of celebrity natural hair!

Take a look at some of the beautiful celebrity naturalistas who graced us with their fabulous hair!

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BHM Blog Series: 2014 Natural Hair Trends!

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Last year was a phenomenal period for the natural hair movement!  Naturalistas came out in full force to represent their curly coifs and show off their unique style.  There was a surge of creative cuts, colorful curls, and ever growing strands as a result of hair growth challenges taking place every month.  Out of all the amazing styles, there were a few that rose to the top of the popularity list.

Here is my list of natural hairstyle trendsetters for 2014:

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My Favorite Songs About Hair


June is African American Music Appreciation Month.  Honoring Our HAIRitage is ending June with the list of my favorite songs by African Americans with theme of…HAIR…of course!

1. Nina Simone “4 Women”  – Nina Simone is one of my favorite artists.  Her voice is deep and rich and her words are rousing.  In four women, she sings about four different women and includes in each verse a description of each woman’s skin color and hair texture – two aspects that are hugely political for women of color.  Watch as she performs this song live!

2. India Arie “I am not my hair” – In this video, I love how India deliberately wears different hairstyles throughout the video to show that all hairstyles are okay – even locs!  She even shares her hair journey before sharing your hair journey was trendy.

3. Prince “She’s always in my hair” – I LOVE PRINCE!  He is a musical genius and always gets it right.  Not only does he sing about hair in this song, he rocks a bada$$ afro while doing so.

4. Willow Smith “Whip my hair” – I love how Willow has created her own style and has the courage to be herself, she sings, Don’t let hater get me off my grind / Keep my head up I know I’ll be fine.  I love the pink Mohawk too!

5. TLC “Unpretty” – This song is about more than just hair.  It deals with a variety of insecurities that we all face regarding our weight, breast size and looking outside ourselves for validation.  It is about accepting yourself, just the way you are, which is a theme for Honoring Our HAIRitage.  TLC is one of my favorite groups and this song is just one reason why!

I’d love to know about more songs about hair.  Let me know your favorites in the comments!


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