Bantu Knot-Out

Bantu Knot Out

Bantu Knot-Outs are great for creating sultry, soft spirals.  I like to use this style when I want my hair to appear shorter with big curls or for romantic occasions.  As beautiful as it is, this style can be a challenging one for many naturals and your results will vary.  I hope this information will help give you your best bantu knot results!

How I create this style:

Products used:

Starting out by shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, and applying a leave-in using my Favorite Hair Products.

Styler = Whipped Shea Butter

Sealer = My Oil Mixture

Total Time: 2 hours


Step One: Section hair into 4 section, while also creating your front part (side or middle part).

Step Two: Starting with one of the sections, take a medium size section and create a 2-strant twist.  If you are styling with a flat twist, that will work as well.

Step Three: Take the 2-strand twist and wrap it around itself, creating a “knot.”  You can use a bobby pin to secure the knot but usually your hair will stay in place on its own.

Step Four: Repeat all over your head.

Step Five: Cover with a satin scarf and let it air dry.  You may also sit under a hooded dryer or steamer since it can take bantu knots longer to dry since some of the hair is wrapped and tucked away from the air.

Step Six: Once completely dry, gently unravel your knot and separate the 2-strand twists.  Be careful not to snag your hair as it may have loc’d at the ends.


Tips for your Bantu Knot-Out:

  • Start out on damp but not soaking wet hair so it dries faster.
  • Try not to make the knots too tight so you don’t put unnecessary stress on your scalp.
  • Be aware that sleeping on bantu knots may be uncomfortable so try different positions until you are comfortable.

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